We provide a gold standard turnkey solution for COVID-19 testing by delivering a full program management strategy that includes testing, reporting, quarantine management, logistics, legal and IT services, and more.

With our large pool of experienced staff, we are able to pivot immediately to meet production’s requests for staffing on a day-to-day basis. Our team understands the flexibility needed to work in the film industry.

Dedicated coordinators are always on-call to provide around-the-clock care, logistical planning, supply management, staff coordination and more. We work closely with productions to create unique solutions for their testing needs. Productions are able to have multiple testing locations per day, at any time, to ensure cast and crew can test conveniently with minimal interruption of their filming schedule. Testing can also move with the production during the day.


Our complimentary private clinics in Burnaby and Vancouver are available three times a week to allow for even greater flexibility for cast and crew. We provide a V.I.P. experience for cast, directors, and producers, with our downtown location convenient for those staying in the downtown core. Staffing and logistics are provided free of charge for these testing locations.


At-home concierge testing is conducted on the same day as requested, with testing provided throughout the Lower Mainland as well as in various cities throughout the province of B.C., some as far as 400km away, utilizing our network of 16 travel clinics. Nurses are also available for testing in Toronto, Ontario, and the surrounding areas, allowing for testing across the country.

For the most up to date information please call:
TMVC: 1-604.678.1390


Are you DAP Approved?

As mandated by the Ministry of Health in BC, we partner with DAP approved labs and have recently been DAP approved to conduct point of care rapid testing. 


Do you offer Quarantine Management?

UMS offers an optional quarantine management program to support your cast and crew who may be on sick leave, who may have tested positive, or who may be a close contact. Our nurse manager will follow their progress as they track towards a safe return to work. We also assist your CCO with contact tracing at the workplace should a cast or crew member test positive.


How many tests have you performed?

Since August 2020, we have conducted over 275,000 tests for the film industry in Canada. Together with our strategic partners, we offer the fastest TAT in B.C.

Our proprietary IT system is integrated via a private API to the Lab’s IT system, ensuring secure, real-time results.


Can we claim Tax Credits for your services?

Ultima Medical Services is a B.C. owned and operated medical organization, with partners in Ontario and Alberta. This allows productions to claim labour cost tax credits for our services.


What is the turnaround time for testing?

On average results are returned within 6.5 hours of testing. Priority results may be available within 2-3 hours of testing.



Oversight and administration includes but is not limited to reporting, logistical co-ordination, staff planning, hotline, co-ordination with production representatives, laboratory communication and co-ordination and regulatory update.

“We made it to the finish line. Thank you and the team for helping us get there.You were invaluable in making that happen. Thanks again, you guys are amazing.”


• Number of tests, positive/negative/invalid
• Staffing numbers
• QM numbers if applicable


Vancouver Aquarium, Canadian Soccer Association, Parks Canada, Exxon Mobil, the RCMP, COMPASS, Simon Fraser University, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Glowbal Restaurants

“I can’t tell you how great your whole team was and how wonderful you all have been to work with. Your Co-ordinator was so fantastic and the admins and nurses were always so pleasant and professional.Thank you for all your help and support this past season!”​